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Slim-Cell Cellulite Reduction Wrap

The Arosha Oedemacel Kit is specifically conceived to solve the problems of oedematous cellulite. The mix of ingredients works in synergy to contrast the initial causes of cellulite formation such as dilation of blood vessels and interstitial fluid retention.

Luxurious Body Brush Treatment

A natural bristle brush along with warm, blended Young Living essential oils followed up with a 15 min. body wrap. Exfoliates, stimulates & rejuvenates the skin. Also helps with cellulite reduction.

Cupping for Cellulite

Cupping increases your blood flow, increases circulation, and reduces the buildup of fluid therefore, helping reduce the look of cellulite. The suction of the cups also breaks up the cellulite and changes the texture of your skin. In combination with specific massage oils to penetrate deep into your skin and the oils start to work on fat deposits that create the dimpling in your skin. The fat cells will be attacked and shrunken, giving your skin a more tightened appearance. Packages are available for best results.

Get maximum results with:

  • Cupping Packages Treatments
  • Alternating Dry Brush & Cupping Packages

Skin Renewal & Detox Body Treatment

This 90 minute spa service is the ultimate skin treatment focusing on exfoliation, rehydration, and relaxation. Simulate your lymphatic and circulatory systems with dry brush followed by detoxifying body polish, Mediterranean Grape seed sugar scrub and a light blend of Mediterranean olive oil and red grape seed extract body oil is applied for optimal relaxation and rehydration. 

This treatment is especially beneficial to reduce the appearance of cellulite and “crepey” skin, while invigorating the senses and totally hydrating dry skin.

De-Stress Body Treatment

This 60 minute spa service is the ultimate skin treatment focusing on elevating stress. While also receiving a relaxing body treatment including: exfoliation, rehydration. Simulate your lymphatic and circulatory systems with specially formulated blends of essential oils. 

Take 1 hour for yourself to relieve tension and de-stress an overworked mind. A take-home gift is yours to enjoy.

Honey Lemon Body Scrub

Smooth, soft and glowing skin – we all want it. Skin simply cannot glow if it’s covered in built-up dead cells, or dry and rough from dehydration. That’s why you need regular exfoliation. During your treatment the scrubs will gradually morph from a scrub into a polish, perfecting your skin.

Revitalizing & Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap

Mud from the Dead Sea has been praised for its ability to heal and cure. A mineral-rich body scrub begins the exfoliating process for the absorption of the dead sea mud mask. Your body is then wrapped in a thermal blanket. After removal, a mineral-rich body lotion is applied to enhance the nourishing effect.